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How Did I Start On the Internet?

Sadan Gurgenci From: Raleigh, North Carolina - Friday, 8:19 am

Hi, this is Sadan Gurgenci

My Internet story started in December 1991...Then, I was a senior engineering manager in Nortel, a multi-billion dollar telecommunication company.

We had just finished installing a new system in Syracuse University, which integrated Nortel telephone system with IBM computers.

As an appreciation of our efforts, the Administrative Director of the University invited all the groups contributed to the project to a Christmas dinner. There were 12-14 people at the table. As we started to have some wine and the conversation around the table opened up, I suddenly came to a shocking realization!

Here were the successful, "senior" managers from some of the top companies like Nortel, New York Telephone and IBM, all sitting around talking, inhibitions loosened by wine and what everybody was admitting to each other was:

They Were All SCARED…
... scared of their future job security.

That sent my thoughts back to 13 years earlier: I was still living in Canada then and I was sent to Montreal to interview 11 people, ages 50-60. Canadian Pacific had identified them as surplus, after long years of service.

During these interviews I had sensed the desperation and the frustration of these people; but I didn't quite empathize with them. I was still young; I didn't quite appreciate the deep emotional scars these people had, being forced to look for jobs this late in their careers, after long years of dedicated service.

I reported back that none of them were suitable for hire: they were too specialized and too old to re-train.

I left Syracuse that day with disturbing thoughts. The images of those people I had interviewed 13 years ago in Montreal came back to me with distressing clarity:

"I heard the fear in their voices... saw the shame they had felt in their eyes... felt their pain...They were all devastated with the thought that they had betrayed their families' trust in them as dependable providers. They were agonizing how to share the news with their families."

Although I had no desire to leave or change my job, I determined that I would also find another income source that I could TOTALLY CONTROL.

Next, I invested all my spare time searching for such opportunities.

At first, I found this mental and the emotional transition to "entrepreneur" and "marketer" difficult. The whole marketing process sometimes looked like black magic!

But as an accomplished senior manager, who completed many multi-million dollar projects successfully, I knew what I had to do: Take massive action to get rid of the "root cause".

Discovering The Marketing "Magic Eye"

Since the beginning of 1992, I have been investing in every source of knowledge on Marketing and Sales: all kind of books, audio tapes, video tapes, expensive seminars, personal coaching…

I believe that comes to over $40,000 worth of investment… And this investment paid great financial dividends for me.

I searched for and found the right experts and invested a lot of time and money in them to obtain the critical skills that would lead me to financial independence.

And as I invested more money and effort into learning all aspects of Marketing, I started to see the patterns in this apparent chaos! It was an experience similar to looking at the "magic eye" pictures.

You've seen a "Magic Eye" picture before, haven't you?

At first glance they look like mish-mash of colors, with no apparent shape or pattern. But when you look at them the right way, enchanting 3D images materialize!

That's what happened to me with Marketing.

I Demystified the Marketing Black Magic,
When I Finally Discovered the 10 Eternal Laws of Marketing...

These 10 Eternal Marketing Laws apply to all marketing and sales efforts.

It doesn’t matter what and how you market: internet marketing, direct marketing, marketing your services, marketing your own skills in your current job…

These Eternal Marketing Laws apply to all.

This discovery opened up the flood gates of success. I mastered the secrets of creating secondary income streams without jeopardizing my corporate job.

I continued my job in my company for 8 more years. Now that the fear was gone, I started to enjoy my work again. During that period I won many awards, including the "Presidential Award for Excellence" in 1996. I finally took my early retirement as a millionaire in 1999; because, I decided to do so!

The current economical situation is 10 times worse than it was in 1991. Almost everyday people are losing their jobs in thousands. And no end is in sight…

The Internet is full of "gurus" who offer you the"magic pill" for instant success!

Most of These Self-Proclaimed “Gurus” Are Wrong
About the Way They Preach on Becoming Successful on the Internet!

Are you aware that most of the products currently sold on the Internet are the regurgitation of the same old, tired stuff?

Some of these people really believe in their own sales hype. Most of them though, are out there to separate you from your money!

Do you realize that many people who want to start their internet business are overwhelmed by the complexity and the difficulty of the task… and as a result, they give up on their dreams?

Have you tried to follow the advice of the so-called gurus…and ended up nowhere?

Do you end up feeling betrayed, when you invest your hard-earned money to discover yet another "Internet Secret"?

It is NOT your fault!

Like the 6 blind men trying to describe an elephant in the ancient story, most of the products on Internet Marketing latch on only a small piece of the big picture… Yet, every sales pitch claims that their solution is the missing link that will lead you the Holy Grail of success.

In the "good" old days of the great “gold rush” there were quite a few con artists who made their money by “salting” the worthless mines with the “fool’s gold” and selling them to the gold miner wanna-bees. As you know “fool’s gold” glitters like gold, but it’s worthless.

Unfortunately the Internet landscape is littered by the fool's gold

The following are some examples of "fool's gold" being peddled as the real thing on the Internet:

  • They don't tell you the whole story... they just sell you the sizzle, not the steak? Most cheaply-priced e-books rely on “impulse buys”… hooking you with the dazzling promises in the sales letters… and hoping that you’ll be too lazy to ask your money back
  • They forget to mention in order for their offer to work, you need a customer list of your own! This is the trap most newbies fall into. They are dazzled by the sales letter that makes re-selling the product to others look like a “piece of cake”. With starry eyes they buy the product… then they realize that they are missing the key element…their own list of customers.
  • They pitch the “missing link” - the secret for becoming instant millionaire? Beware of these snake-oil salesmen of the Internet and keep your money tightly in your pocket.

You can't afford to be basing your decisions on the misinformation provided to you by those so called Internet “gurus”…

The Wisdom of the “Six Blind Men and the Elephant”

“Once there were six blind men who decided to find out what kind of beast the Elephant was. They’ve never seen an elephant in their lives. But each of them was quite confident that he could describe an elephant by using the sense of touch alone.

The First happened to approach the Elephant from its broad and sturdy side, explored around and at once determined: “Elephant is very like a wall!”

The Second, feeling of the tusk, cried, “It feels very round and smooth and sharp. The Elephant is very like a spear!”

The Third approached the animal, and happened to take the squirming trunk within his hands, and boldly declared: “the Elephant is very like a snake!”

The Fourth reached out and felt about the knee. And announced: “It’s clear enough the Elephant is very like a tree!”

The Fifth, who by chance touched the ear, and said: “Even the blindest man
can tell that the Elephant is very like a fan!”

The Sixth, seizing on the swinging tail, declared: “I see, the Elephant is very much like a rope!”

And so these six blind men disputed loud and long, each obstinately defending his point of view. Though each was partly right, they were all wrong!

Internet “Blind Men” Disguised As “Gurus” Can Drive You Mad And Completely Off The Internet!

Discover the Power of "Internet Success Triangle",
Before Spending Another Penny on Internet Products!

The application of the Eternal Marketing Laws to doing business on the Internet proves that your success depend on how well you created your "Internet Success Triangle".

Internet Success Triangle is formed by 3 success pillars:

Pillar #1: Eternal Marketing Laws and Timeless Principles of Direct Marketing:
Gives you the big picture an teaches you What to do.

Pillar #2: Time Tested and Proven Tactics of the Internet Grand Masters:
Teaches you How to do it with least effort and for the biggest bang for the buck.

Pillar #3: ACTION Plan:
Gives you the Blue Print and the Tools to turn your plans into reality.

Stay away from any product that doesn't incorporate this "Success Triangle".

In 2003 I created a product called "Internet Exposed System" based on this Success Triangle.
It was quite successful and received rave reviews.

I am no longer selling that product; because I don't have time to provide the coaching any more.

I've Established a New Mission for
the Internet Exposed Website:

  • Provide you with free online Guides on all aspects of Internet Marketing

  • Check out what is out there in the Internet Marketing minefield and help you avoid the scams

  • Recommend you tips and resources that would lead you to your success on the Internet

  • Continue to evolve this site by adding new information on an ongoing basis

So, visit this site often to discover new insider tips and resource that will facilitate your success on the Internet.

Best regards,

Sadan Gurgenci


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